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Name: Hugo Torres González

Commercial name: The Wealthy insider


Adress: Spain, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


INCOME METHOD obtains income through various methods.

Advertising uses Adsense ads.

Affiliation What is affiliation and what is an affiliate link? What does it involve?

Affiliation is a contract between two parties in which one party, offering a product or service, allows the other party to advertise this product or service in exchange for a commission or financial benefit. This commission or financial benefit is paid from the first party to the second party when it is verified that the second party has been responsible for favoring the sale. This verification can be in the form of a special coupon, a link that installs an informative cookie on the client’s machine, or some other similar form.

This financial benefit is given without any detriment to the price of the product, so the end customer will not experience any increase in the cost of the product.

At, you can find affiliate links from the following platforms:

Amazon Affiliates: whose legal terms can be found at Sale of services At, certain services can be contracted or a commercial agreement can be initiated via email.

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